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A desire to inspire and instil confidence in others is at the heart of everything Jennifer Mehalko sets out to accomplish. Born in Northern Alberta, Jennifer lived through out Alberta growing up and settling for the remainder of her school years in a small town in Southern Alberta, where she graduated in a small class and then moved on to study interior design at Lethbridge College in 2000. An immensely successful career in the interior design industry would follow, working with firms such as Ita Design of Oslo, Norway, Empire Kitchen & Bath in Calgary, and eventually starting her own company, Found Design Group where she contracts work to firms in the city, namely, Bellasera Design Studio. Amidst her travels & living out of country, a desire for balance & a deeper connection in community, would lead her to pursue an entirely different path; this time as a yoga and spin instructor, while she took up her initial Ashtanga and spin training while living in Southern California. In 2010 Jennifer settled back in Calgary, lead classes at numerous studios and became an integral member of Calgary’s fitness community. In 2014, she would become one of the founding partners and designer of Calgary-based fitness studio ‘The Sweat Lab’, where she continued to guide and inspire others by leading yoga and spin classes.

With over 15 years of interior design and over 10 years of teaching under her belt, Parts + Labor Inc is the next step of Jennifer’s exciting journey. A reflection of her rich history, each design embodies design and movement.

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